Budding artist, singer/songwriter Jaimey Hamilton born July 28, 1999 in Victoria BC, Canada in the small sea side community of Metchosin. Outside of music, Jaimey enjoys a busy, active and adventurous lifestyle.

Music for Jaimey is not only her passion but her healing outlet. She spent over a decade battling three childhood cancer diagnosis's. Musical therapy and song writing helped Jaimey through her times of stress and fear and allowed her to focus on her art rather than medical tests and hospital beds.

Local charity events had Jaimey performing at age 12 in front of audiences of up to 200. She is often found singing our national anthem at several junior hockey games in Victoria.

Summer 2016 was a turning point as Jaimey was awarded the opportunity to perform at the Sunfest Country Music Festival in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Sunfest invited her back in 2017 and will be taking the stage again for the third time this summer in 2018.  This opened doors to book several more live performances in and around Victoria and Vancouver, BC

In March 2017, Jaimey was given an opportunity of a lifetime. The Children’s Wish Foundation granted Jaimey’s wish to record a song in a professional recording studio in Toronto, ON. Here she met with the professionals at Diamond Factory Recording Studio and recorded her first single as an artist “Survive”.  Jaimey has travelled back and forth to Toronto to record her first EP album. She has upcoming releases of two singles followed by the release of the rest of the EP album. All the songs on her album consist of both collaborated and unaccompanied work.

Nominated for the MusiCounts Emerging Artist Scholarship, Jaimey is currently enrolled in the Music Performance Program at the Victoria Conservatory of Music where she is studying the art of music and performance. Jaimey hopes to fulfill her dreams with a life and career in music. 

Jaimey's newly released album 'Parachute' is now available online everywhere!

Photographer: Curtis Pelletier